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Python tricks December 11, 2012

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Just found a neat little trick to convert decimal into hexadecimal and vice-verse – you have to use python (provided with OS X)

the command to obtain a hexadecimal number out of a decimal (e.g : 2550) is as follow :

>>> print “%x” % 2550


The reverse is :

>>> print int(“9f6”,16)


Hope this will be useful –


Enrique made with ArtRage2 April 6, 2011

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I’m a bit upset with Gimp (see my last post) and decided to check another application I had tried long time ago … Artrage2 (because the application was provided with the bamboo wacom tablet).

And then I did this character study for Enrique.

I would put ArtRage2 between Gimp and myPaint from an user-experience, because of the way it handles brushes textures, and offer canvas rotation (Gimp doesn’t).

It’s really fun to use, very intuitive too – but even though it’s free (bundled with the Wacom Bamboo tablet) it’s unfortunately not opensource and there’s no Linux version either.

Which means Gimp won’t be able to open the Artrage2 .ptg native format – but, there’s a workaround saving as .psd (adobe format) and opening in Gimp.

More Seashore March 17, 2011

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Trying to familiarize myself with the Seashore application , I just made a “St Patrick Greeting sketch” (a bit more advanced than the last attempt).

Yep, there are some nasty bugs out there, but Seashore does the job (if you remember to save often) – my main frustrations are about the selection tool is a bit messy – and the text tool which is really “basic” and work in a very weird way.

There’s also that annoying message when you want to save the file and it contains a layer in “Soft Light” mode – a warning pop up mentioning potential issue with Gimp 1.2 (?!) – the Seashore 0.5.1 help file is a PDF hidden inside the 14.3MB application (for comparison Gimp 2.6.11 is nearly 300MB!) ; I really have to understand the selection tool, it’s not intuitive at all, and when used (badly I guess) could crash Seashore (happened twice).

Otherwise Seashore’s layout is clear, intuitive and overall better than Gimp (which has been over-criticized and will get a major update in the upcoming 2.8 release) – as you can see there’s only one main window, the layers are arranged on the left, the tools are all visible on a top bar, and only the color panel can float around (if you have clicked on the top right color symbol).

As for the sketch itself, I put an Irish girl (instead of a Leprechaun or St Patrick himself) holding a pint of Guinness, and wearing a Tiger’s fur (that’s both because of the Celtic Tiger and the rant about 10.4 being such an ass with Gimp)

Before I forget … Happy St Patrick’s day – cheers!!!

Seashore March 16, 2011

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This week as an experiment, I switch from Linuxmint to mac – because I’ve got an Apple iBook G4 (ppc) running  10.4.11 (codename Tiger) … yep, lucky me!

There are some issues though, since I’ve been using Gimp on Linuxmint 8 (codename Helena) and I’m used to it (kind of worked 8hours a day for the last 10 months on this configuration) and now on 10.4.11 running Gimp means you have to run x11.app which … doesn’t fully support the wacom tablet (now it does but you need 10.5 and later) — and I’m running 10.4 (which means x11.app is 1.1.3).

Anyway, after banging my head repeatedly on the wall, I searched for some alternatives and found Seashore – this opensource application runs on 10.4 ppc and is able to read Gimp .xcf files – Bingo!

You can download the application at the Seashore website.

I made this little Poseidon (since Seashore evoke an aquatic theme) in 30mn