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Python tricks December 11, 2012

Posted by peileppe in interlude, stats, tools.
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Just found a neat little trick to convert decimal into hexadecimal and vice-verse – you have to use python (provided with OS X)

the command to obtain a hexadecimal number out of a decimal (e.g : 2550) is as follow :

>>> print “%x” % 2550


The reverse is :

>>> print int(“9f6”,16)


Hope this will be useful –


Pixel Art February 3, 2011

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In the good old day (90s) I had developed a sprite editor (from scratch in Turbo Basic and the source is probably on a 3″1/2 floppy disk lost in a box in my mother’s attic).

That application has always been a work in progress … and it was a fairly complex task to draw something using keyboard shortcuts, but nevertheless it worked ; the main features were the zoom tool and the palette …

I remember my brother and I were having loads of fun making sprites in 320×200 pixels with 256 colors every Saturday afternoon…

I really miss this time,  and today to revive the excitement we had making sprites – I wanted to see if I was still able to make one, and here’s the result on the upper left – that’s Bob Prezkovic from the Call Center Grinder – drinking his coffee and  thinking that he has to return on the phone because there’s probably 6 calls waiting …

myPaint sketch December 1, 2010

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During the last few days, I’ve been have a little experiment with a new drawing tool : myPaint – it’s a bit hard for me to leave the comfort zone of using Gimp, but as it turns out myPaint is really fun to use.

I setup a special gallery dedicated to myPaint


Using the Wesnoth Editor to make map for Role Playing Games September 17, 2010

Posted by peileppe in interlude, ocal, tools, wesnoth.
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Last week I stumbled upon a post with an interesting use of the “Wesnoth Editor” – not for the video game itself but to make map for role playing game (like AD&D) –

I made this map below today using the same method, it’s actually quite fun to make.