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This is the end June 30, 2015

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It has been nearly 5 years ago, I left the corporate world to enter a new phase in my life, driven by the desire to explore my creative side, I started a Freelance activity, first by drawing comics, and self-publishing, then by doing website design, and lately diving into Python programming, and doing portrait illustrations… This has been very interesting, very challenging too – there was no better school to know myself than this exercise in self-discovery.


I’ve learned a lot, I’ve struggled a lot, I’ve enjoyed a lot of things, met good people  ; but I’ve set myself a limit before I started, the limit was 5 years, the goal was to setup a stream of passive incomes that would allow me to continue (or better to thrive) in my Freelance activities, but doing creative works, maintaining a social presence, doing finance and budget, while having ups and downs with the family was really tough (especially in the last months) – doing this all by myself… I pushed as long as I possibly could, but can’t sustain any longer.


That’s the reason I’m back to work, effective immediately, it has been an honour to work with splendid people like Boris, Iddo, Marketa, Tonda, MB, Fafa, Mike, Ron, Khuan, Chinkal, David, Vitek, Karel, Marcela, Al, Lucie, Donna, Marcus, Radka, Zuzana, Jitka, Dana, Brian, Mangakaonline, Troy, Steve (from ispirare), Mark,  Moe, my brother and other people I might have forgotten … thanks for your support, advices, and jobs.

I’m now in very much need of stability and security, Freelance equals Freedom, but also a bit of anarchy, now I’m looking forward to a regular paycheck. I’m not regretting my Freelance time, I’m just turning a page …

Before I started, my feeling was to push my fears away, and start as a Freelance, and that if I would never try to do it, there will be regrets, now I’ve done it, and I’m happy about it… Even though it doesn’t seem to be a viable solution, and so I need to move on …

The last big “thank you” goes to my beloved wife, who was patient and supportive, and who also wants to discover her true calling in life now…

Life is very much a journey, be nice with each other – you never know what the other person in front of you is going through or in similar words : “Don’t Judge People. You never know what kind of battle they are fighting.”



Python tricks December 11, 2012

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Just found a neat little trick to convert decimal into hexadecimal and vice-verse – you have to use python (provided with OS X)

the command to obtain a hexadecimal number out of a decimal (e.g : 2550) is as follow :

>>> print “%x” % 2550


The reverse is :

>>> print int(“9f6”,16)


Hope this will be useful –

Le chat bleu November 7, 2012

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Yesterday KDE crashed big time, it was my fault I had many applications opened (gimp with various illustrations opened, firefox with many tabs, a text editor and a terminal with pyton and htop)  — it’s not the first time this happened, and the symptoms are always the same :

I try to switch from one application to the other, and then the system got really slow, the mouse cursor starts to lag, and the HD is grinding and grinding and even when I try to desperately open a console – usually the system is so slow I receive a message saying the 60s delay is passed and I’m stuck… It’s tough because I don’t know what is causing this recurring issue – it can happen anytime ; and because of the nature of this weird intermittent issue – I’m starting to get a bit

I thought optimizing KDE would help – it did because as the system use less space – it seems that the crash are less common.

The last thing in my control, is to be more disciplined and not to open too many application at a time (less than 3) – which is a bit frustrating, but actually help a bit because it means working in a less messy manner.

Anyway here’s another cat, I’ll do more – cats are cool, and they have this calming effect which I really need right now.

Grumpy cat is grumpy October 1, 2012

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