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Manga Call-Centre Grinder – a commission by ChichiriYuki January 25, 2013

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Manga Call-centre

CM_Call Centre Grinder by *ChichiriYuki on deviantART

This is the resulted commission of a call-centre grinder Page

It’s actually the 4th variations of Episode 001 – This Unpublished episode is the 1st variation, Episode 034 is the 2nd variation, the 3rd variation was my attempt at making it a manga …

For those interested on “How to commission an artist” :

The commission went like that, I sent my request in deviantart to chichiriyuki.deviantart.com/

After checking her commission price list – a Manga page cost 20$

I asked in a note, what I wanted and the artist agreed

Then the payment was made over paypal

And I waited for the result – when finished, the artist post a small resolution page (the one on deviantart) and send a full resolution (4961×6752 pixels) file just for me.

Overall, a really cool experience.



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