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Jim Bishop entirely pixelized August 29, 2011

Posted by peileppe in call-centre, comics, Making comics.
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Pixel-art is very demanding, it requires a lot of discipline … and it hurts the eyes like a barbarian entering a rage during a fight.

Today, I tried to use mtPaint  … it was love at first sight, from the first look I knew this would be a magnificent tool for pixel-art ; unfortunately mtPaint is also very difficult to use, I couldn’t figure how to use the layers – or simply draw a line … that’s why I switched back to Gimp – (which is not really a walk in the park for pixel-art – you have to change a few settings (anti-aliasing is an important one) then it’s all about pressing N (to get the pen tool) then selecting a color, then making a shape, selecting the area created, filling it with the color … select-all, pressing N … etc …)

It’s only the beginning, but I already have a desk, a chair, a paper basket, a computer, the phone and his headset, and a couple of characters ready to walk into that strange pixels universe.

The potential is quite exciting, because it could lead to small web-comics (an alternate version of call-centre Grinder), but why stop there ? this could easily lead to animation and maybe a game ?!

But first thing first, I have to tame mtPaint …



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