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The Gap between Tier1 and Tier2 July 5, 2011

Posted by peileppe in call-centre, comics.
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In some Call-Centre there’s a terminology used to differentiate agents in advancement : Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 etc … similar to what you can find in “Role-playing game” (AD&D, WoW, MMORPG etc …) characters evolution through various levels (even the term Tier, reminds of the game Quake III).

Basically, when you finished your rookie training, you are Tier1 and after learning the basics of call-centre “cuisine” (you know being nice with your supervisor, follow the stats, short call-time, etc …) and assuming some Tier2 have resigned in the meantime, then you become Tier2.

And for Tier2, the Tier1 are just plain annoying, they have plenty of questions, and most of them completely irrelevant, on the phone Tier1 panic, and have this urge to escalate their problems to Tier2, because they don’t know advanced tricks, because they don’t want to learn, because they’re lazy etc …  – and the Tier2 usually hates them and calls them names (like Noobz or noobies or sometime Teletubbies).

The even funnier thing about this is that Tier2 are usually only a few months older than the Tier1.

Another fact about Tier2, is that management love them – they have the technical knowledge, and sometime respect from Tier1 – and management always find a way to give them more work (or tasks) – and that’s what is illustrated in this comic strip – Since Bob has been assigned as Tech support for Tier1 on top of helping them answering customer tough cases.

And if they’re tough enough (and patient) Tier2 become Tier3 … but that will be for another story.



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