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Meetings in Call-Centre June 4, 2011

Posted by peileppe in call-centre, comics.
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O Friday afternoon meeting … How Much I Loathed You – such an unnecessary pain before the week end.

Meetings in call-centre are (at best) about boring stuffs, like metrics, last months overall performance, new tasks that every agent are going to do.

But in some worst case scenario Meetings are also a way to milk the employees a little more, with astounding news like “because of the current financial crisis, we don’t have any choice but to ask you for a little overtime, it will be unpaid, but it’s for a good cause … you can keep your miserable job a little longer

or “We don’t have other option but to ask for some sacrifices like a little pay-cut or new tasks that you didn’t knew you could do, but you will have to do, on top of all the others stupid procedures and policies we have come up with.

Meeting are just the management way to prove that their (real) purpose is to make every employees miserable.

Meetings are like fake congratulations, boring powerpoint (c) and a stab in the back.

Meetings is like dying inside a little…that’s why there are spare Ethernet cables in the room.

Morality : remember to clean the room after the meeting is over – it’s part of your duties as a good, faithful agent – before returning to your desk to answer the phone, because there’s probably even more customer waiting now since you have spent valuable time in the Meeting room listening to corporate bullshit.



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