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Call-Centre little trick April 20, 2011

Posted by peileppe in comics.
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I remember some calls when the person was basically reading the product specifications, and waiting me to acknowledge back … something like This :

  • customer : “I see that this laptop reference has bluetooth, is it correct ?”
  • me : “Yes, sir!”
  • customer : “and the hard drive is 320GB ?”
  • me : “Yes, sir!”
  • customer : “the display is 1024×768?”etc …

Quite funny, but the problem is that the customer isn’t aware that every phone agents is measured on the call duration – and too many long calls, can be interpreted as a lack of skill by the management, therefor all agents have to develop some tricks to handle long calls.



1. call guy - April 20, 2011

Tell me all about it. If there is an industry mantra it is call-time, call-time, call-time. Customers who want an in-depth chat are our biggest enemies!

peileppe - April 21, 2011

these metrics, it’s like trying to reach the rainbow…

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