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More Seashore March 17, 2011

Posted by peileppe in interlude.
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Trying to familiarize myself with the Seashore application , I just made a “St Patrick Greeting sketch” (a bit more advanced than the last attempt).

Yep, there are some nasty bugs out there, but Seashore does the job (if you remember to save often) – my main frustrations are about the selection tool is a bit messy – and the text tool which is really “basic” and work in a very weird way.

There’s also that annoying message when you want to save the file and it contains a layer in “Soft Light” mode – a warning pop up mentioning potential issue with Gimp 1.2 (?!) – the Seashore 0.5.1 help file is a PDF hidden inside the 14.3MB application (for comparison Gimp 2.6.11 is nearly 300MB!) ; I really have to understand the selection tool, it’s not intuitive at all, and when used (badly I guess) could crash Seashore (happened twice).

Otherwise Seashore’s layout is clear, intuitive and overall better than Gimp (which has been over-criticized and will get a major update in the upcoming 2.8 release) – as you can see there’s only one main window, the layers are arranged on the left, the tools are all visible on a top bar, and only the color panel can float around (if you have clicked on the top right color symbol).

As for the sketch itself, I put an Irish girl (instead of a Leprechaun or St Patrick himself) holding a pint of Guinness, and wearing a Tiger’s fur (that’s both because of the Celtic Tiger and the rant about 10.4 being such an ass with Gimp)

Before I forget … Happy St Patrick’s day – cheers!!!



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