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c1#e4 choice of frame – featuring Slaine “Queen of Witches” September 9, 2010

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The latest exercise was a bit more challenging that the previous one  :
Buy the latest comic don’t look inside
ask a friend to copy just the number of panels from 4 pages and write a short description of what’s happening
Then draw a rough version of these pages and compare with the real things …

I choose the comics : “Slaine – Queen of Witches” (Dermot Power, 2000 AD #889-896)

Basically the story starts with a fight between Slaine (the celtic hero) and Elfric (a blue daemon)

  • First page – Elfric is taunting Slaine about his imminent death because he killed a God and that can’t be forgiven
  • Second page – Slaine is trying to escape his fate and fight back, but Elfric is superior in strength and magic
  • Third page – But then Slaine is using an hair from a Goddess to strangle Elfric and then successfully escape
  • Last page – Slaine is returning victorious to be welcomed by the Goddess.

The rough version of the 2 first pages



1. c1#e4 choice of frame – featuring Slaine “Queen of Witches” – page 3 and 4 « Peileppe Production - September 10, 2010

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