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C1#E1 – choice of moment – “American Splendor” September 1, 2010

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Exercise is taking from chapter 1 – of the book “Making Comics

As previous exercise, but with another different movie (that’s the third I’m doing) – today “American Splendor” – the goal is always the same : to select 16 key moments in this movie.

The “hero” of this movie was Harbey Pekar, he died in July 2010 at age 70. See a video tribute made to his memory, you can also visit the Pekar Project

This text below particularly capture the character (source)

Harvey let his readers know he had so many issues; he was anxious, obsessive, pessimistic. But one issue he never had was self-consciousness; he was 100 percent himself. Harvey was Harvey unrepentantly, and this relentlessly being himself inspired others consciously and unconsciously, even when he exposed his foibles and fuck-ups or especially when doing just that, to be more themselves.

Nb : pictures above are used for training purpose only – and are trademarks of their respective owners



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