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Questions April 29, 2009

Posted by peileppe in comics, interlude, L&L.
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So far, so good : the story is starting to make sense, the characters are starting to get in shape.

On a technical point of view though I’m quite confused on the page size to use, the resolution to work with and so on. I selected for the 2 draft pages “A4 format” (which I believe is something like below) :


8.3 x 11.70 inches (which is 210×297 mm or 2490×3510 pixels) – the problem is that the file size are getting enormous and I really wonder how the comic artists (the real one ;)) can handle those files — see for yourself : 


that’s more than 50 MB for a almost empty draft !

Anyway I reduced the draft into 700 pixels wide and put the text in font 15 and 18 – and it’s enough to get an overview 

I also have many questions on the process because using ArtRage (even with the use of stencil) isn’t an easy application to handle the structure of a comic page – I mean with the frame and all – and there is no text tool (my hand writing is so bad – you wouldn’t even be able to read the title ;))  I found on Roza’s page – some answers to this – I guess drawing each frame separately then import them into an application (maybe inkscape, maybe Gimp) then arrange them and add the text, could be the way…

And the last thing I don’t really feel comfortable with is what to keep afterward (only the final .psd ? or all the drafts in between) – How to handle the versioning of the drafts ? if it makes sense to keep them anyway ? As an example, I’m trying to find the svg source for a page I published a year ago … I only found the jpg – which is useless and this is so annoying !



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