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Draft : Page 2 April 29, 2009

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The Prince Dormund appears upset he looks in disdain in a nearby direction


  • You are a filthy bastard !
  • How dare you take her from me ?!
  • You’re a disgrace and a cheat, I will put your life to misery


  • Trisha is not one of your property, she doesn’t belong to you
  • She loves me and I love her


  • Is that so ?! the Princess and I 
  • … I believe were engaged by law
  • Engagement she broke because of you and you will pay for this !
  • Mark my word.


  • I’m not afraid of you !
  • and the engagement you’re mentioning was made by your parents, you don’t  love her.


  • Love has nothing to do with this
  • We ARE engaged, that’s all that counts
  • This is a matter of being faithful to our word


  • I can’t argue with you
  • Trisha is not be a puppet, she doesn’t want this engagement


  • I won’t waste my time with you … you can go
  • but beware its a long road  and there is many danger

K :

  • I can take care of myself, don’t worry
  • I’ve seen many battles …


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