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Short Script v2 April 27, 2009

Posted by peileppe in comics, L&L.
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Here’s the new script 

1. Meeting in the wood

  • Kassidrin and Dormund meet in the forest
  • Dormund is threatening Kassidrin
  • Kassidrin defends himself
  • Dormund makes a promise to defeat Kassidrin and get Trisha back


2. Introducing the romantic Princess Trisha

  • Trisha is sad and thinking about Kassidrin
  • King Tharnas is asking Trisha to visit Dormund
  • Trisha is not in the mood and send a messenger to Kassidrin
  • messenger fly in the city sky


3. The Prince is cooking something bad

  • Dormund is back at his kingdom
  • Dormund is make a unfair judgement based on unfair law he created
  • Dormund ask a meeting with some spies
  • Dormund setup a trap for Kassidrin


4. Building the trap

  • Spies are contacting Orc or whatever evil foe (mercenaries)
  • Orcs are preparing an assault on Kassidrin fortress
  • Orcs ask for a reward – something special from Dormund
  • The spies return to Dormund


5. Trisha disappears

  • Trisha is talking with her father – she doesn’t want to marry Dormund
  • King Tharnas explains that Dormund is noble and Kassidrin isn’t – that’s simple as that
  • Trisha return in her room – but some spies kidnap her
  • Later King Tharnas found Trisha’s room empty and a message explaining that Kassidrin has kidnapped her


6. Dormund cheats, lies and steal

  • Dormund comes to visit King Tharnas and explains he wants to join 2 kingdoms
  • King Tharnas told him that Kassidrin has kidnapped Trisha
  • Dormund told King Tharnas that Kassidrin is making alliance with the Orcs
  • Dormund offers to bring back Trisha if King Tharnas accept to marry them whatever the cost


7. The King is fooled

  • King Tharnas accepts – he’s now convinced that Kassidrin is a bad guy and Dormund is a good reliable asset
  • King Tharnas is sending his own elite troops to fight against Kassidrin
  • Dormund is offering to lead them and to bring K’s head
  • While Dormund is in the forest he discusses with the spies 


8. Kassidrin under siege

  • Kassidrin is receiving alarming news from his scout – that Orcs are preparing battle
  • Kassidrin is also receiving news that Trisha has been kidnapped
  • Kassidrin has no choice but to surrender to the Orc otherwise Trisha will be executed
  • Kassidrin accepts and his held prisoner


9. The Messenger can pass

  • While Kassidrin is in prison the messenger arrives and deliver the letter from 2-3
  • Kassidrin asks the messenger to find Trisha and return to him
  • The messenger find Trisha in the Orc camp
  • the messenger brings back Kassidrin news to Trisha


10. The Great Escape

  • Trisha and the messenger find a way to escape
  • Dormund arrives at the camp and ask that Kassidrin is brought to him 
  • Dormund is judging Kassidrin for treason, and other unfair charges he’s making up
  • Kassidrin is silently listening while the jury is getting excited by the coming execution


11. The Great Entrance

  • Trisha is making an entrance during the judgement
  • Dormund is totally surprised and lost control and asks the Orc to kill Trisha
  • King Tharnas’s Elite troops defends Trisha against the Orc
  • the messenger set Kassidrin free and he joins the fight


12. Happy Ending

  • Kassidrin defeats the Orc and bring Dormund as a prisoner
  • King Tharnas who was on his way to Kassidrin’s fortress condemn Dormund 
  • King Tharnas is celebrating Trisha and Kassidrin’s wedding
  • The End
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