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Character study : Prince Dormund v2 April 24, 2009

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I need to tweak this a bit, Dormund in this story is a bad guy “sort of” – but I would like to put more depth into him. So assuming that he was engaged with Trisha – in an alliance made by Trisha’s father (the king) and Dormund’s parent ; and then Trisha felt in love with Kassidrin. Then Dormund’s anger and evilness makes sense.

Furthermore, Dormund doesn’t love Trisha (I keep it that way) – but he feels that she belongs to him rightfully, by the official engagement/alliance made by the authorities – and Dormund is a man of honor, relying on the law and on authority because of his noble rank – he cannot grasp the fact that people might rely on feelings, and emotions instead of respecting the rules.

So the new portrait would be :

  • A one-sentence summary of the character’s storyline
    • he has no emotion, except cruelty
    • he rely on rules and law (he’s a paladin wannabe) and act as a judge 
  • The character’s motivation (what does he/she want abstractly?)
    • his main motivation is getting more power
  • The character’s goal (what does he/she want concretely?)
    • he wants revenge and get Trisha back whatever the cost
    • he despises the people that won’t respect the law and would punish them cruelly
  • The character’s conflict (what prevents him/her from reaching this goal?)
    • he lacks the courage and heart of a real leader so hide behind law and rules
    • he has no emotion – he just blindly wants what is rightfully his
  • The character’s epiphany (what will he/she learn, how will he/she change?
    • rules can be bent
    • flexibility is good
    • expressing his emotions and enjoying life is better than living under strict rules
  • A one-paragraph summary of the character’s story-line
    • Dormund is a rich, cruel, stupidly attached to the very precise word of law that will learn that following the rules blindly can cost a lot of misery for him and people around him


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