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FAQ WordPress : Writing a Book? April 23, 2009

Posted by peileppe in interlude, L&L.
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Today I’m all about organizing and putting things into order and was looking for a way to clarify the blog  …  while I was trying to understand the cryptic post here > http://support.wordpress.com/write-a-book/

I thought that would be great to have an example – so searching a little I felt  lucky then to find all those nice explanations on this other post http://www.lostaddress.org/tag/book-writing the only problem is that all the png files, that would supposedly clarify the whole matter are (404) not found ….

Later I found those 2 blogs : http://tangoourdance.wordpress.com and http://killerserials.wordpress.com/index/ that are pretty much in there own way implementing the method.

So basically I kept the idea of creating an index on the sidebar, and creating a new page called “work in progress” (with sub pages are static by nature that will reflect the evolution of the latest related post ) – the so-called front page will still be “Home” and then I don’t need an index page …

That sounds a bit like there will be redundant entry, yes and no – for example the script’s post in v1 is currently (here) – and this one will stay forever in version 1, because I need to be able to return to this version but the script page (here) will reflect the latest update script version there is. Same apply for the character study post and pages …



1. coops200ad - April 24, 2009

The way I did it was messy. I don’t even remember exactly how since it was some time ago now. I DO remember it was a pain and involved forcing the blog to do something it wasn’t supposed to do. I’m no computer expert and there are bound to be better ways.

Thanks for advertising me.

peileppe - April 24, 2009

Thanks Coops !

forcing the blog to do something it wasn’t supposed to do

that was my feeling exactly !

I’m currently reading your blog (the NaNoWriMo part) I appreciate the way you’ve documented your progress and there are plenty of good links there as well…

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