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Short Script Draft v1 April 21, 2009

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This is my fist draft for the script – I probably will post more characters study later … but the storyboard will be more or less like this :

1. Dormund departure for the city of Arlis

The prince Dormund  (see previous post) wants to rally Tharnas camp to his cause ; the General Kassidrin wants to avoid this alliance that break the balance in between the 3 kingdoms – he knows Trisha’s future is at stake. He warns Dormund not to go.

Dormund is aware of Kassidrin love affair with Princess Trisha and make fun of the general

2. Trisha has flashbacks

Trisha is in her palace – she remember the past with Kassidrin ; They were in love but couldnt marry because of the King opposition. She eventually had to return to her castle, and Kassidrin was devastated.

3. Dormund fight in the forest

An Orc has followed the Prince and try to kill him ; Dormund use a potion of invisibility to avoid the fight.

4. Kassidrin dilemna

Kassidrin back to his homeland ; he’s anxious because he couldnt warn Trisha of Dormund visit. Because he has to stay in his castle to prepare his troops for the coming inevitable fight with the Orcs. He shows map to his fellow officers and explain the danger

5. Dormund entrance in Arlis

We see Arlis from the air – and get a glimpse of discussion between the King Tharnas and Trisha. Dormund is welcomed by the king

6. The Orcs war plan

While the Orcs are aware of Dormund visit – they planned to attack Kassidrin’s castle

7. King Tharnas see Dormund true face

Dormund try to convince the king that he must not fear the Orcs – but instead attack Kassidrin’s castle. The King is surprised – he tought of peace and wanted a peaceful reign. Dormund threatens him, Trisha intervenes and Dormund leaves using a second potion.

8. Dormund runaway

Dormund is now heading for the Orc headquarter – or simply return to the forest ?!

9. Kassindrin prepare for war / Trisha prepare for war

From Kassidrin’s castle we see an army of Orcs coming ; Trisha in the meantime is also preparing an army to send troops

10. Trisha is fighting / Kassidrin arrival

As Trisha is going with her troops she gets caught by Orcs ; Kassidrin is informed and decide to rescue her

11. Prisonner of the Orcs

In the Orc Fortress – Kassidrin with some of his best troops Elite is entering in the fortress, and rescue Trisha that was in a cell. He also sees Dormund there.

12. Dormund die / Kassidrin end it all

Dormund treacherously try to confuse Trisha that he was also rescuing her – but he attacks Kassidrin – Trisha protect Kassidrin with a globe of invulnerability and Dormund is killed – Kassidrin returns with Trisha – and that’s a happy ending…



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